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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property Protection

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Protecting intellectual property has become a priority for companies in this digital age. The Internet has changed everything, and intellectual property is no exception to the rule.

From trademarks, copyrights, and patents, to website content, e-commerce, and license agreements, intellectual property law can be an intimidating topic to understand. This is why Parmenter O’Toole established an intellectual property law practice which is focused on developing and protecting intellectual property.

Each type of intellectual property is truly unique, and it comes with its own set of legal challenges and opportunities. Music, art, literature and technology, for example, are all forms of intellectual property. Today, companies are finding new avenues of success through advertising and e-commerce, which are also forms of intellectual property. Our lawyers work alongside clients on all of these types of intellectual property, assisting in their development and providing the counsel needed to turn original thoughts into sound, valuable and protected assets.

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