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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Any business is only as good as its employees, and that is why our employee benefits experience is focused on helping our clients develop programs that will attract and retain outstanding employees.

We are well versed in establishing a variety of retirement plans, welfare benefit plans, and executive compensation programs. If you are looking to set up a retirement plan such as a 401K, profit sharing, employee stock, or deferred compensation plan, Parmenter O’Toole has the expertise you need.

If you are establishing a welfare benefit plan such as a medical reimbursement program or cafeteria plan, Parmenter O’Toole’s experience can help you make the best possible decisions. Parmenter O’Toole is also a trusted resource if you are in need of an executive compensation plan such as a phantom stock program or non-qualified deferred compensation plan.

Taking care of business means taking care of your employees, and we are uniquely qualified to help you take care of both.

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