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Bankruptcy is not a dead-end street. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, creditors have many options and rights. With our comprehensive understanding of the Bankruptcy Code, we are able to identify all of your options and enforce all of your rights as a creditor. We have expertise in all facets of bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy Overview

“Bankruptcy” is a federally authorized legal procedure by which an individual or business that is unable to pay its debts may have its assets administered, usually by a trustee appointed by the bankruptcy court. At the conclusion of the process, the debtor usually receives a “discharge” from most (but by no means all) of his or its debts.

Types of Bankruptcy Protection

•    Chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy cases
•    Obtaining relief from stay in order to pursue collateral
•    Starting foreclosure proceedings during pending bankruptcy
•    Defending preference actions

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