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History of Parmenter O’Toole

History of Parmenter O’Toole


Founders George Parmenter and Thomas O’Toole

Parmenter O’Toole was formed by the merger of two firms whose roots in Muskegon County date back to the 1940s. The firm of Parmenter, Forsythe, Rude, Van Epps, Briggs & Fauri was founded in 1949 when George A. Parmenter and Robert L. Forsythe began practicing under the name of Parmenter & Forsythe. The firm concentrated in real estate, probate, and general business law. The firm of O’Toole, Johnson, Potter, Rolf & Eklund was originally formed in 1948 when Harold M. Street and Paul T. Sorenson became associated under the name of Street & Sorenson. Over the years, the firm concentrated in the areas of business and municipal law.

In 1992, the shareholders of both firms determined that a merger of the two would enable them to provide a greater array of specialized legal services to their clients. The result was Parmenter O’Toole, a law firm that provides quality legal representation and advice to businesses, municipalities, and individuals throughout West Michigan and beyond. Parmenter O’Toole is a full service law firm, as more fully set forth in the firm’s areas of practice.

Thomas J. O’Toole

We are all better lawyers having known and worked with Tom O’Toole. A true mentor and friend, Mr. O’Toole exemplified the right way to practice law. He taught by example that Honesty, Respect, Hard Work and Doing What You Said You Would Do are the minimum standards for lawyers. He expected more. He expected excellence.

His lessons were simple.

Respect the rule of law;
Respect the legal process;
Respect others; and,
Recognize that as lawyers, we have great duty and responsibility to our clients, to the legal system, to our community and to our country.

We believe that the spirit of Tom O’Toole and how he practiced law is the model to which all attorneys should aspire.

George Arthur Parmenter

George Parmenter was an outstanding attorney who practiced in Muskegon for over 40 years, primarily in corporate law. He was known for his intellect, great sense of humor and his fervent dedication to the fight against alcoholism.

His congenial attitude and his brilliant, analytical mind made him an extraordinarily effective mentor and role model to many young attorneys who were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to practice law under his tutelage.

All of his partners can testify to his expertise as a legal analyst, which would have made him an outstanding law professor or federal judge. George was an extremely articulate and persuasive litigator and negotiator, known for his dignified demeanor and bearing.